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Energy Resonates Awareness

Moving our identity out of the inner dialog into presence requires collected energy as well as awareness. Awareness is sterile without energy. When our energy and awareness resonate together, it makes for presence. When presence is strongly resonating as our center, it’s much easier to abide in. The Mind can rest in that, because it is Peace and Love itself.

The Self Beyond and Within

This physical body is our Earth SuitWe traverse our journey on this planet in itEventually it passes away. We remain alive beyond this Earth Suit.We inhabit other bodies,dream-like energetic light bodies,even bodies more subtle and profoundThey are layers within us now.  We live in them through this life and beyond. Spiritual practices, emotional healing, evolution …

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Being The Self

The deepest level of Human is Being. God and Soul are both essentially That;  Beingness. Beingness that encompasses Awareness and Feeling. The essence of Feeling is Bliss. When “Another” is present, Bliss becomes Love. Awareness becomes the mind by assuming the form of our thoughts. Identification with the content of our minds clouds the Awareness …

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Happiness Within

Expanding our capacity for Love and Inner Peace are both thoroughly worthy goals whether you think there is a God or not. After all, Happiness and fulfillment are inner states. We all know beautiful people, talented people, and rich people who are tortured within…unhappy inside. Funny thing is, once you untwist the twisted human condition, …

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Meeting Maharaj Ji

In contrast to the subtle vibration I felt in person, the “Inner Maharaj ji” bowled me over in a flood of Spiritual Light. Nothing subtle about it, it was a cosmic portal of power, one that nourished the local area and the larger sphere with Light and Love.

Life is Perfect

The misunderstanding is that this world is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. This planet is more of a sphere of tough lessons and evolution by experience. I’ve also been a serious rock-climber. Climbing is often dangerous and painful, but we do it for the adventure and experience. Amazingly, there is a perfection to our …

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Why God Can Never Be Proven

It’s almost a universal question: I don’t believe in a God envisioned as an old man with a white beard in the sky, but I’m open to the existence of a Universal Principle. How can I know? Can you Prove God?

What is God

What is God? Folks tend to try to understand God in terms they can understand. Many tend to visualize God as very human and somewhat like a stern boss or strict father figure. But it’s obvious that any being that created a universe that takes light billions of years to traverse, and manifested the vast …

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