Energy Resonates Awareness

Our essential Being is resonant with Peace and Love, it is the Light of our very awareness.

The endless current of self-imagining and internal dialog in our minds hijacks our identity, obscuring our own Being.

 We can never truly be at peace as an imagined self.  Becoming present as your essential Self is the key to becoming Real.

Moving our identity out of the inner dialog into presence requires collected energy as well as awareness.  Awareness is sterile without energy. When our energy and awareness resonate together, it makes for presence.  When presence is strongly resonating as our center, it’s much easier to abide in. The Mind can rest in that, because it is Peace and Love itself. 

Otherwise, if our energy and awareness is distracted or diffuse, our minds become restless and bored, we have nowhere to abide and have to lose ourselves in entertainment and distraction, or numbness. 

The Energy I’m writing about is the current of Life itself. Different mystical traditions have different names for it, Prana, Chi, Life force energy etc.  Even without a name, everyone experiences this energy within themselves all the time.  For those not paying attention, the feelings of energy just get mixed up in the flow of experience, but the energy is there. 

It’s strong in the throat when we feel choked up, in the heart when Love expands, in the gut when there is fear, and our sexual energy is very much a part of that energy.

Energy flows in channels within us, much like an energetic nervous system, much like blood circulates in our body. It also pervades our body like a vibe.   The thing is, our lack of awareness of it and the circumstances of life mean that this energy is often diffuse, that the channels of its flow are clogged or blocked.  We aren’t blessed with a free and complete energetic flow when we find ourselves living in this earth suit.  

We have to reclaim, reconnect and recollect this energy to resonate with our awareness to abide in the presence that we are. The Being that we are.

This is a vast subject.  

Energy can get locked up in our traumas and wounds. To avoid our feelings we sometimes have to imprison them within us using our own energy to divide ourselves against what is within us.  Becoming undivided emotionally is one way to collect and free energy

Modern life divides our bodies into zones of separate actions.  Some people have energy focused on moving our arms around on keyboards, or moving and manipulating things.  We walk around on our legs.  We can benefit by integrating our body energy awareness as a whole. The energetic flow connecting our whole body is empowered in many ways. One basic way is integrating our body as a whole. Dance, yoga, Tai Chi and many sports can bring us in touch with our body as a whole. For me, rock climbing was a powerful tool for body wholeness.

Some practices open up the more subtle energetic channels within us by moving the current of life through sometimes dormant paths.  Energy follows awareness, so any practice that moves awareness throughout our bodies carries the energy with it.  

In time, the unawakened dormant channels flow more freely and connect our energy, restoring its integrated flow.  Again, yoga, martial arts, breathwork and meditative practices can move the energy around. The moving of energy cleans the channels and allows the energy to collect and flow. 

Breath is highly connected with our life energy, there is much to realize and utilize through breath awareness and practices. 

There is also a radical energy that can be awakened, called kundalini in the Indian tradition. That’s another big subject for another sharing. 

Some ways of working with energy may be amplified when energy is aroused.  Medicine work is one avenue. The power of sexual energy is also very potent.  

It’s worth working with awareness of energy in your sexuality, that’s another huge subject. Don’t lose the heart in the exercise of sexual energy though, because energy resonating in the heart is profound and ecstatic. Everything powerful has risks and requires discernment, so be mindful. This powerful part of our lives can’t be ignored.

Love is a monumental energy. Expand, open and let your love flow.

This sharing is just to note that exercising, integrating and connecting the life energy within us is a worthy goal, not only for health and vitality, but to resonate a field for our awareness to abide with.  We can be mindful and centered when we are basically holding space for ourselves

When you hold this space of Being, Presence and Energy for yourself, as yourself, you will have Peace and Love. Others will feel it, and benefit from your space as well. You won’t have to say anything, or do anything special or tell anyone, Your presence and vibe will magnetize the energy of those who experience you and be positive for them.  

In this way, the apparently selfish work you do for yourself benefits all. It gives something to life wherever you are in ways deeper than we consciously realize.

Food for thought (and yeah, food is another source and influence of our energy)

May you find ways to collect, connect and enhance the energy of your Being to resonate a place of presence to abide in. 

To become real unto yourself.