The Self Beyond and Within

This physical body is our Earth Suit
We traverse our journey on this planet in it
Eventually it passes away.

We remain alive beyond this Earth Suit.
We inhabit other bodies,
dream-like energetic light bodies,
even bodies more subtle and profound
They are layers within us now. 

We live in them through this life and beyond.

Spiritual practices, emotional healing, evolution through experience
They all enhance those inner bodies 
This is worth our time, effort and intention.

After all, happiness springs from within.
If you are dense and contracted, no good fortune can make you happy
So focus on the inner evolution that brings happiness and lasts beyond this journey

Your essence, your Being beyond all conception
exists at the center of all our layers
that illuminates and experiences all the bodies 
It is beyond words, 
before the mind,
It exists as you before and beyond all these bodies we live in.

It is the source of Love itself, of creativity, the light of awareness itself.

You can never see it, it is the Source.
you can only BE it. 
Be present as it,
by clearing the clouds of thought and internal dialog that
run around in our minds, that assume the role of our identity

If you can collect yourself, in the here and now,
and abide before all the thoughts,
the presence of your True Self can be your center.

It is Love that no one can take away.
It is pure awareness that inspiration springs from.
It is Peace itself, a powerful Peace 
You are That.

But it can be so subtle. 
Like the air we breathe,
or water to a fish.

it is always with us, as us, but not as an object.
Our essence cannot be outside ourselves to be seen.

But we can realize it and make it our center. We can become Real instead of an imagined self-image living in a flow of thoughts.

One method of realizing this subtle yet monumental truth of ourselves:
Sometime when Love swells within your Heart,
Or your mind is blown, stunned by some beauty or experience,
Instead of focusing on the trigger that sent you there,
Abide and feel into where that Love arises,
Be present as the light that has eclipsed your thought for a moment.

Then you have a glimpse of your core, the innermost Self that inhabits all the bodies
Physical and subtle 
This will be a truth forever
Be there as long and often as you can

It is monumental but seems small and hidden because it is contained within all these bodies we wear to have a journey of evolution and experience on the planet. 

When you realize it, you can increasingly be your True Self at your center,
rather than being a train of thoughts thinking to yourself about yourself.
Just keep returning to Being. Abide in the Peace and Love that you are. 

You are Love. Make yourself Real to yourself and be Free

Photo is a beautiful Saintly old friend Midha ji, No Longer in that body. And Rainbow at Vernal Falls, Yosemite Valley  California