What is God

What is God?

Folks tend to try to understand God in terms they can understand. Many tend to visualize God as very human and somewhat like a stern boss or strict father figure. But it’s obvious that any being that created a universe that takes light billions of years to traverse, and manifested the vast complexity of even this world, that being is not an easy target for human comprehension.

God created everything out of God’s own being. If there were some separate material for God to use to make all this, it would be a type of God itself. The book of John in the Bible says God created the world out of Logos, translated as the “word.” Our words are vibrating energy structured by information that originate out of ourselves.

Not a bad explanation to a primitive people thousands of years ago.

But even though God is vast, transcendent, and beyond all comprehension, God is also intimate and immediate, closer than the closest. Everyone says God is in heaven. Where is that? Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is within.

God is Spirit which has as its nature consciousness. Would you expect God to be without consciousness? We read that we are created in God’s image. Our essential nature is then Spirit which has as its nature consciousness.

What’s the last thing of yourself that you would ever sacrifice? Your awareness, of course. That’s how we have an intimate link with the Being that encompasses countless beings, of which there are 7 ┬ábillion of just humans on this tiny world alone. A spark of the divine is within each of us as our soul and thus, we are keeping track of our own sins and writing our own story in the book of life. Judge not, lest you be judged.

You can think of this world as the dream of God. The reason for it is not comprehensible in rational human awareness. The purpose of our existence in this world is not our pleasure and luxury. The experiences we have in life, bad and good, have the effect of refining and evolving our Spirit.

If you look at the course of your own life with openness and clarity, you might see an abstract sort of perfection in it. Everything that ever happened to you has brought you to where you are right now. What you are right now is reflected all around you as your life. Change within and your world will change.

Jesus may have been a pure expression of that divine being, but don’t get hung up on one historical figure being the sole expression of divinity. Jesus was talking about his highest nature when he said he was the only way. You can’t live without water, but Agua, H2O, and Pani are the same thing, and in a pinch, you can still get along with orange juice, or even cola or beer.

So “what you believe” is a lot less important than “what is in your heart.”

My feeling is that God doesn’t care what religion you are.

God sees directly to the heart where that totality of what you are is revealed.

I know this kind of philosophy runs counter to what many folks believe. Believing we have the only way builds religions and makes us feel superior. I respect your heart whatever you think. I’m always open to deepening my understanding, so don’t worry about me. If the highest power will grace me with greater understanding, I’m always listening.
“Seek and you will find” Just be open to the fact that what you find might not be what you expected.

Peace and Grace