Festival Workshops

Each year I present workshops and Ceremonies at West Coast Festivals and Burning Man. I Feel these events can be transformative, deep and fun too. I Love the community I know from them and the new people I meet there. Here is something I wrote about festivals.

In 2012 I introduced a Workshop that is a ceremony based on some Shamanic work that I do. It’s called

 “Shamanic Death and Rebirth” 

  It’s turned out to be such a powerful and transformative thing that I feel I will focus on presenting it repeatedly in the future. Here is something I wrote about the practice of Shamanic Death and Rebirth

Some of the other topics I have addressed include 

“Self Realization Through Love”


“Making your festival a prayer and a pilgimage”

 “New Paradigms of Spiritual Awakening” and 

“knowing Yourself, Loving All.”

Here is a list of Festivals where I’ve presented


Lightning in a Bottle

Enchanted Forest

 Once Upon a Festival


Mystic Garden Gathering and Mystic Rising

Cognitive Awakening

Burning Man Camps: Fractal Nation: Sacred Spaces,  Jedi Camp,  Connexxus,  Red Lightning, Buddha Lounge and More

Whole Earth Festival


Lunacy Festival


Bali Bloom