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Reclaiming Love

Don’t blame Love The only ones who haven’t experienced broken hearts are the ones who never opened theirs. After suffering a broken heart, we often become more protective of our emotional vulnerability. Many blame “Love” for their pain and, consciously or unconsciously, resolve to harden their hearts against more “Love.” Love is not a weapon […]

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Love in Essence

Love is a Reality beyond words, but it can be helpful to use words to point to it so we don’t mistake it for its by-products and additives.  Our innermost essence can be spoken of as Being, Awareness, and Bliss. When “Bliss” is directed at an object, we call it “Love.”  Even though our “Soul

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Advice to be Real

Without knowing you….just knowing how people are living and thinking in these times…this is my advice for whoever has the synchronistic fortune to come across my words You’re probably too busy. Busy-ness a disease that prevents us from feeling the life in us. Busy-ness a drug we use to avoid facing the feelings of life.

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Transformational Festivals

As we transform within, we are also inspired and empowered by joining with others who feel a similar communion with the essence of Love and Life. They may not visit our particular church, sweat lodge, or ashram, but we can sense they are kindred spirits in our hearts. We reflect each other’s light to one another. We grow and support each other’s awakening when we come together with open hearts.

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We are all shadowed by shame. We don’t always know it.

Shame makes us tell stories to ourselves that we’re not troubled so we don’t have to face our shame; but, however subconscious, we are ashamed of ourselves and often apologize for our existence.

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