Love in Essence

Love is a Reality beyond words, but it can be helpful to use words to point to it so we don’t mistake it for its by-products and additives. 

Our innermost essence can be spoken of as Being, Awareness, and Bliss. When “Bliss” is directed at an object, we call it “Love.” 

Even though our “Soul Nature” is the root of every moment of our experience, we lose track of it because it is clothed in the layers of our psychology and biology. The naked purity of Love also gets wrapped up in our ego, our needs, and the drama of life. 

Lots of folks have issues with Love. The extent to which we experience Love is often sullied by our ego, our desires, our thoughts, our attachments, and mostly, our fears. All the crap swirling around in our heads can even prevent us from knowing Love at all. 

Don’t blame the love, it’s part of our essential being at the deepest level. It just provides the energy that makes our folly too intense. Like the light projecting a slide onto the screen, the light isn’t the issue, it’s what’s in the picture that can make the show scary. 

Wishing you all well. May we drown in our Love.