Inner Dimensions of Touch

There are many dimensions to touch beyond the physical contact. When we touch someone, life force energy, “Chi” or “Prana”, flows between the touching.

If we’re not conscious about it, the energetics of touching becomes bundled in the totality of sensations that happens when we connect. If we wake up to the vibrations we are sharing, it’s possible to go much deeper into our communion with the other, and touching becomes a spiritual practice for us as well.

Our Life energy follows our attention and behaves much like electricity in a way. That is, it flows stronger when our touch connects with a place that is receptive, wired to receive energy. If you are very “present” when you touch someone, it flows stronger.

If you touch somebody on the elbow, knee cap or knuckles, you won’t feel the energetic flow as strongly as if you touch the back of their neck, arch of their foot, or between their eyebrows. This is because the subtle channels, “Nadis” or “Meridians” are wider and more concentrated in some areas than other.

Each person’s energies have different qualities, polarities, and frequency of vibration. You can know a lot about somebody by the way they “feel” and also about the chemistry of how your energies complement each other. The saying “Opposites attract” is applicable when you understand how one polarity flows stronger when connecting with its complement. Masculine energy flows stronger connecting with Feminine energy than more Masculine energy, even between people of the same sex. Energies can have a quality of Earth, Air, Water, or Fire predominating, and that energy flows more strongly when connecting with somebody with a different quality of energy dominant.

This is why we often get a feeling of completeness and relief when touched, as we absorb the energies we don’t have, and release the excess of the energies we have in abundance.

If we are in an intimate relationship with someone and we’re touching all the time, making love regularly, and sleeping together, we share so much energy that the flow gets equalized. We take in so much of them that the energetic oneness stops of flow back and forth. Sometimes to restore the flow for the sake of better intimate connections, it can help to sleep in separate beds or rooms frequently so we can rest in our own energy and restore the polarity between the partners so we can share again. Having this awareness allows us to commence this practice for the sake of greater connection rather than creating the fear of moving apart.

If you mindfully tune into the field of energy that pervades your body, you’ll notice how it responds when somebody touches you and when you touch somebody. This can inform you of which places in somebody are receptive, or need to be touched. Sometimes moving your hand just a little is the difference between connecting with an open channel for sharing energy and a numb place. “Listen” with your heart for the flow that begins when you touch the right place. Sometimes a feeling of warmth goes along with the flow. “Taste” with your heart/intuition, how the flow “feels,” how the other persons receives you and the quality of their energy.

The more and deeper you experience mindful touch, the easier it is to feel and recognize its inner flow and dimensions. You may develop a healing touch. Your intuition and awareness of the flow will direct your touch to the places that need healing energy in another. When you touch with Love, it conveys healing energy. Love potentiates the power of our touching, while fear, neediness, and insecurities can disrupt or corrupt the flow in touching.

The meditation on the inner connections activated by touch can go ever deeper to more subtle and profound levels within us. Of course deeper touch awareness activates sacred sexuality when our intentions extend there. This can be a channel for making our relationships into ever deeper spiritual journeys together, while otherwise we run the risk of intimacy becoming stagnant and routine without conscious awareness offering a path deeper and more powerful. “Being present” is an aphrodisiac.

Intuitively “listening” can also alert us to when people don’t wish to be touched for a number of reasons. Their energy can recoil from touch.

Sometimes when we’re consciously touching, we can feel that another’s energy isn’t able to connect in a place where we would expect energy to flow strongly. Not everyone’s energy pervades their body well. We don’t always inhabit our bodies fully in an integrated way. Energy follows attention on both sides, so sometimes we can attract energy to a place where it is lacking by maintaining a conscious connection there until the others energy is attracted to meet us there. This is good for healing and also for intimacy.

The more a person’s energy extends through their whole body, the deeper and more powerful a lovemaking connection can activate. So if you know you want to take the time to really go deep, trading massages with conscious awareness can be the best foreplay before the foreplay to wake up the energy everywhere in our bodies, or it can simply be a good healing sharing between people.

I feel like I’ve been blessed with a healing touch and have benefitted much from taking my awareness of touch to a deeper level. I hope sharing some perspectives on it will inspire you to feel your own touching on ever deeper levels, knowing yourself and others more intimately. Opening your Heart to Love for all, and transmitting that in your touch can make the world a wonderful place.