This section will have writings on a variety of subjects, from high philosophy to everyday Life.

In addition, each subject will often have something for everybody, from mysticism to practical advice. See what has a ring of Truth for you and take what you can from it. If there are parts you don’t understand, don’t worry about it, seeds take time to sprout. See what is reflected in what you already know from experience and keep an eye out for what you haven't noticed yet.

The spectrum of Life and Spirituality has different levels. We should use our power of intuition, discernment, and common sense in absorbing wisdom teachings. If too much sugar and fat is bad for you, it doesn’t mean that God hates fat. “All is One” doesn’t mean you should eat out of the toilet. Nothing I write should be turned into law or dogma.

I hope from my Heart that something I write here will serve you and make your life sweeter.

Peace and Love