An Invitation to Musicians, Producers and DJs
The Spiritual connection of Music should be no secret to whoever reads this. I would like to invite you to contemplate and integrate deeper ways of exploring and expressing Spirit in your Music from 2010 onwards.

There are many ways to bring Musical Creativity and Spiritual Upliftment together. Since expression is so individual, the first invitation is for you to have a communication of the heart with Spirit, opening your ears to inspiration on how you can bring more Love to your art and yourself. For some, it’s time to let go.. for your own healing, not because you “should.”

Musicians throughout history have dedicated classic works to their Spiritual inspiration. I invite you to be open to your own contribution honoring the Love Spirit of All that expresses your inspiration comingled with the Spirit of us All.

We have a unique opportunity since the venues of Spirit and Music have become intertwined and fluid. Let’s look at Music that touches heart or that enables groups to entrain upliftingly in epic rhythms and in vision quest proportions. Prayerformanaces have been a welcome evolutionary step in this art. Perhaps we can bring direct experiences in the music itself to those who wish to engage deeply.

I’m hoping to integrate Music and Spiritual Transformation in dynamic ways in collaboration with Inspired artists as I am Blessed to have opportunity.

You are the gatekeepers of Spirit and Music. You have already thought of this. Spread the invitation to those who are ready to hear it.

Make an intent, and pay attention to that intention

For Love and With Love