Credibility is in the Ring of Truth
Gullibility is in the discernment of Truth
Propaganda is everything in-between

I’m including some bits of spiritual biography on this website in the spirit of openness and because there are lessons in the stories.
That said, this information is far from complete and fails to credit countless people: Teachers around the world, Parents, Friends, Ex-loves, Enemies and accidents. Everything that happens comes together and shapes our experience. I’m grateful for all of it and wish everyone well. I make no claims to a perfect life without sins and failings. My rule is the golden rule. Treat others as you would be treated.

I’d also encourage people to leave this personal stuff alone until they have digested some of my other writing. There is a tendency to collect information about a person and try to see them through that lens, to put them in a conceptual box based on our findings. I am not my history. I will teach from my experience and wisdom, which has been influenced, but not dictated, by my own teachers.

I have spent a lot of time on the Eastern Spiritual path because there is a strong tradition of seeking actual experience of the Spirit. That’s essential. Blind Faith just adds a different set of concepts to our head but nothing to our Heart. Transformation comes from seeking the Spirit and our Inner Truth for Real.

After being blessed by that Spirit, I’ve studied Western Spiritual Teachings and seen scriptures like the Bible in light of my experience. I am not a traditional Hindu or Christian, but my insight supports whatever path you choose to walk. I am not opposed to anyone's Religion but please don’t attempt to convince me that I’m missing the Truth by not following accepted dogma.

I have had some great adventures over the years however, and perhaps I’ll add some stories to this section over time.

Love and Light