We are all shadowed by shame. We don’t always know it.

Shame makes us tell stories to ourselves that we’re not troubled so we don’t have to face our shame; but, however subconscious, we are ashamed of ourselves and often apologize for our existence.

We strive to “be somebody” to achieve, and to be the most ideal person imaginable, because we hope to do so would release us from the shame we have of ourselves.

We doubt we are worthy of Love. We doubt our worth, questioning if we are “enough”

Our shame makes us our own enemy. We defeat ourselves in advance.

We manifest our fear of not being enough into a self-fulfilling prophesy. We feel insecure about our validity, doubtful about our place in people’s lives.

Otherwise we overachieve to compensate but the tremendous energy expended in achieving doesn’t help the heart unless the work is inspired.

While people who have suffered challenging childhoods or abuse often have a more intense struggle around shame, it is a natural consequence of the human conditioning of us all.

We come into this world Innocent and ignorant of Life. All powerful beings (parents) orient us to this strange world. Without them we would be helpless and lost. These (hopefully) beneficent Beings guide us to what they believe we should think and know about the world. They exert a will for us to aspire to their values and guidance about the world.

To meet their expectations, seeking Love and Acceptance, we conceive of the most ideal self we could be, and begin judging ourselves about how we don’t meet our idealized criteria.

Shame is born from the friction between who we think we are and who we think we should be.

Both these misunderstandings need to be transmuted for the sake of wholeness and for healing to occur.

You are not who you think you are, and who you think you “should be” is a mirage.

For those whose parents were all too human and troubled, forms of abuse or neglect create wounds in our relationship with ourselves that are more intense. We feel that we are damaged. We might on a childish level have even thought we brought the abuse on ourselves.

The hidden blessing is that those who have suffered abuse to some degree are also the ones most likely to be aware of their wounds and seek healing and evolution to ease the painful situation.

“Normal People” are those who are simply living from their conditioned mindset without question. It is a numbed awareness and a state of general Dis-ease. The person sleeps through life until an intense event pushes them to seek their Spirit, or else they learn lessons slowly through experience after experience.

One approach people take in healing is to attempt to heal each wound and issue from childhood and the past. It’s a beautiful process to ever explore and clear ourselves, and our emotional, psychic space. It’s a part of life, like brushing our teeth, or getting some exercise, to clear our emotional wounds as they arise.

The events of life bring our lessons. Our events and lessons are reflections of things that are unresolved in us. That ongoing healing is always on our path.

But to really release shame, one of the most powerful things you could do for yourself, you need a new relationship with your very Being.

You don’t “Have” a Soul. You “Are” a Soul.

Your essence is pure Love and Divine Light.

This is the imperishable “I” which will never leave you. This Divine Self of yours never has any reason to be ashamed. It shines of it’s own Light and is priceless and perfect.

You will in time find your way back to “Being” that Divine Soul that you are. This is the evolution and journey of Souls through life.

The person you think you are is a collection of self-referential thoughts, beliefs, and memories. This person is born when our constant stream of thought about “self” acquires a life of its own. This self-image can acquire a “sort-of life” of its own, as our thoughts are congealed forms of the pure consciousness that is our true nature.

This thought energy has the energy of life itself, so as we focus our energy around the idea of ourselves, that idea takes on Life and begins to think itself to be our real identity. It constantly refers to its history, its reactions to the world, and how people treat it. Go through this paragraph slowly again. Try to understand and feel it.

This Person in our head is really a collection of thoughts that has hijacked our awareness and declared itself real.