Personal Guidance and Retreats

In order to join my gifts with my need to support myself, I’m offering my services as personal life guide to those who intuitively feel led to work with me. I use this term “guide” because I’ve guided in some form for decades, and because I find other labels fall short of my intent. Some people call themselves “Life Coaches.” I’m not a fan of the Sports analogy which implies competition, and a goal of “winning” rather than happiness.

It also seems to ignore a spiritual element that’s at the core of peace of mind and happiness in whatever we’re doing, of opening to Love. Spirituality need not involve any belief in the unseen. It is about our state of mind and being, which can be applied to all aspects of life.

I’m also not comfortable with “Spiritual Teacher” or “Guru” as they have become loaded terms and, in the past, have ignored many facets of life, like sexuality and work, which are huge parts of our travels on this planet.

Sometimes you need a wise friend, with wide experience and a perspective outside the box. Someone who understands humanity enough not to judge you but meet you where you are: to help you in the direction you choose. Even somebody who can point out the unintended consequences of that direction.

I can do that over the phone or Skype, or in person. These sessions work through our speaking but there are many levels of communication taking place. When we speak from the heart, a deeper energy transmits both ways.

Once we are acquainted, I also offer customized retreats in my place in the mountains by a river at Yosemite, or in a place of our choosing. Beside deep communication, I can work in a number of modalities from Meditation to Shamanism, and to combining these with Outdoor adventures like Rockclimbing, Hiking to amazing secret places, or backpacking. Your transformative journey is the poetry of your life unfolding and there’s no reason that process needs to be clinical. It can take place in breaktaking beauty and peak experiences. They will almost always involve going to a very special place in nature where spectacular views and peaceful vibes help the environment for transformation and realization.

I’m offering Phone Sessions for an introductory rate of $35 per hour for the first session and $50 per hour afterwards. Price is good until 12-21-2012. This is below what most charge and will probably go up in the future. I’m open to working with people for whom money is a constraint. Tell me what you need.

Personal Retreats are $250 per day and may include rustic Accommodations in Yosemite if needed. If you feel inclined to come with a friend or two, we can work out a lower rate per person and work alternately and also in a group. I’m open to travel to create retreat anywhere if you have the resources to make it happen. I’ve guided people in India, and in natural wonders all over the West.

While I know people often like things to be spelled out, structured and systematized, I work intuitively and individually with each person so that our process is a reflection of your path, your choice for healing, love, harmony, peace, abundance and freedom.

Contact me with any questions, proposals and for an appointment.