The misunderstanding is that this world is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. This planet is more of a sphere of tough lessons and evolution by experience. I’m also a rock-climber. Climbing is also dangerous and painful, but we do it for the adventure and experience.

Amazingly, there is a perfection to our life here. It's "Karma." An honest look into yourself will show you that your life is a reflection of your inner attitudes and feelings. Everything that ever happened to you has brought you to where you are today. Change yourself and everything changes around you.

Take the evil and hell out of yourself and it stops tormenting you from outside. If you see that this is true for you, you'll find it easier to accept that it's true for others as well.

God is beyond all conception and not some cruel bastard in the sky. It takes light billions of years at 182,000 miles per second to traverse God's physical universe. Just as we create worlds in our dreams, this world is the dream of God and countless other worlds as well, (I'm told most aren't as rough as this place)

God is not judging us. We judge ourselves.

Note that Jesus said "judge not, lest ye be judged"

It's an automatic process built into our consciousness. We create our life.
Imagine a system of perfect justice, where motive and intention count the most and cannot be concealed. There are no loopholes.

Don’t think it’s good enough to be a good person. If we are hard on ourselves, don’t like ourselves, and judge ourselves, then hard things will happen to us. We sentence ourselves unconsciously to pain through our self-loathing.

Imagine this system spread out over lifetimes, so that evolution can have time and the burdens of heavy lives can be shed for a fresh start. Just like we need to sleep after a big day, we need to die and begin without the weight of our mental baggage. Even some of older Christianity believed in past lives. Justice demands it.

You may see that we're living such a system.
It's an obstacle to see all pain and loss as bad or evil. Much of it results from our attachments or is there to teach us. It's often easy to look back and see how hard times have taught us lessons.

If a loved one dies, it’s often a cause of intense suffering. Perhaps they needed to leave a sick and tired body and embrace the next great adventure in a Life beyond this one. They might be in Bliss, enjoying a heavenly freedom and we are distraught, feeling sorry for them! We’d like to hang on and have them live to 150. That would be torture for them. We create our own misery by not accepting the rhythms of life and the poetry of the universe.

Take full responsibility for everything that happens to you and accept all pain without resistance. Search yourself for your own attitudes and assumptions and clear them out. Don't judge life by its compliance with your desires.
Then see if there is a rhyme, reason and poetry to life or if God is giving you the shaft.

Peace and Love