The past few years I have been adopted by the great souls of the Sacha Lineage. I'm am beyond grateful for their refuge and grace.

Last year though, I made a clear commitment and connection with the Sacha Lineage through
Maharaj ji, It was a miraculous and powerful set of events and I'm not sure whether or how to protray them, and in what intimacy, for the sake of others benefit.

Not knowing how to write this has prevented me from doing it so. My heart demands I give thanks and credit where it is due for Now, my Light and Saccha Light work together.

for now, here are the basics plainly

I have taken Maharraj Ji as Guru.

To be more specific, I am aligning myself to the Intent and Light of the Sacha Lineage, which is fully alive more each day even as Maharajji's personal role continues to work on the universal level.

Lineage has a power and authority that is mystery itself.

I felt, to give more powerfully and truly, in service to All, and in expansion of mySelf, that alignment with a living, powerful lineage was the will of the Loving Intent I served.

Maharaj ji’s inner mission supports awakening in ways beyond satsangs, beyond books, and beyond borders. This is not lip service, it is a mystery few can know. He is not accepting disciples as a rule, any longer.

We all raise consciousness everywhere each moment we come from the Heart of Being.

I don't know the form that my service may entail. It is ongoing as the Spirit moves me and as my Grace in Spirit allows. Maharaji has encourage me to be free.

He encouraged me to continue teachings and Satsangs. He gave me his blessings that the power he was giving me would gain strength wherever I was taking it in the world, but he did not command me to teach nor do to anything.

He is an old man and the blessings of teaching on behalf of this sacred lineage have rarely been given. So I reconfirmed it on a subsequent date to assure others and to make sure I was honest with myself.

The Western Teachers appointed by Maharaj Ji are
ShantiMayi Ji and Sri Prem Baba. ShantiMayi has herself appointed several teachers. We have our philosophical differences, differences of style, and own flavors of realization, but one thing is certain. I am inferior to both in their commitment of time, and surrender of their lives to the teaching of Dharma. They set an example of integrity and service that is seriously daunting to contemplate emulating. I sense the clear and present power of Spirit in their Satsangs. I encourage all those whose internal compass points at them, to go without fear, and take me too..

I serve as my capacity enables. I still have issues with the formal teaching role, but I have issues with everything in this life, which is perfect and flawed at once. I love and accept “what is” and seek to follow a divine will. The Divine will tells me from within and from without to “Be Free.”

No Trip…Whatever you choose is fine with God.

Then, what to do?

I just want to serve the waves of Love unfolding and expanding, even if this is just the way that the “One Being” experiences itself. I choose to seek ways to open people to their True Being and Heart. I do so while ever opening myself.

I see far reaches I have not reached and caution those who think “the End’ is reached…ever..

He said "Be Free"

that means everything to me

Love and love