I respect the name my parents gave me, but I understand the tradition of adopting a new name for Spiritual work. The relationship with a teacher is not tied to the history of an individual. My old life is fading away, but old friends are allowed to keep their familiar addresses to me like “fool” or other names.

Poonja Ji asked me once if I wanted a name and I told him "No, because then I'd have to use it, and I'm not a name." Amarnath Ji wanted to call me "Natraj" (the form of Shiva which is the King of the Dance of the Universe) which fits me because I love to play and dance, but I never adopted it. I've also been called "Acha Baba." Many friends know me as "Baba" and that feels perfect. “Baba” is the generic name of the thousands of holy and trying-to-be-holy men wandering about India or living peacefully in small huts and caves. I'm of the "Baba" tribe of things. For me, a Baba means a brother of Love who has no enemies in his heart and who choicelessly wishes the best for all.

I don't feel like any name. I AM - Not practical

Who know what name will stick to me. I used to make fun of Gurus who seemed to change their names to ever grandiose titles with disturbing regularity. Perhaps my reluctance to be a particular name is the reflection of my past judgments.

I still don’t feel like any name, maybe only a simple “Baba.” But call me what you will. God seems to respond to any name called with intent but when asked by Moses, explained “I am that I am” Our essential nature is beyond names but use them to relate and love each other.

Peace and Love *Baba*

2012 note. I had a powerful ceremony in India this season where Spirit annointed me with the name "Achal Baba." Achal mean "Mountain, Unmoving" It fits because I deeply love the mountains, tend to be very grounded, and because of a connection with Ramana Marharshi through Papaji. "Acha Baba" is still nice and simple for short and "Baba" is even better in venues when I'm the only baba around.