I’ve known for 30 years that one day I would have to assume the role of spiritual teacher. I could think of a lot of reasons not to.

My recent pilgrimage to India has clearly spoken to me. The Time has arrived, and I cannot help but surrender to it.

In 1978, I had an experience of awakening. I could see everyone and every event in the Light of its Perfection and feel perfect Peace and Love in it all. I had no previous conception of Spirituality so I had to undergo a long search to make sense of my experience. I spent time with Swami Muktananda and some other great teachers, and got a Berkeley degree studying Sanskrit, Hindi, Indian philosophy and world religions.

Then I spent 1985-1986 in India, and was blessed with the company of many great beings, but two stand out. Amarnath Baba of Badrinath, and H.W.L Poonja Ji. They turned my search back on itself, aligning my identity at its essential source rather than in my imaginary self-concept. At the end of my visit, Poonja Ji authorized me to teach on his behalf.

Amarnath Baba acknowledged my realization before his death as well.

I returned to the United States, but did not teach. I considered it to be a big responsibility and a potential trap. I wanted to make sure I was ripe and was reluctant to give up the life of beauty I had created living in the High Sierra.

After all, everything was perfect, so nobody “really” needed me. In addition, the role of spiritual teacher seemed to guarantee unnatural relations with others. Being put on a pedestal or suspected as a cult personality: the role seemed to take away from the simplicity and peace of anonymity.

I took the time to appreciate and study the teachings of the One known as Christ, as many were wise and in harmony with my experience.

The past couple of years I resumed spending a month or two in India during winter. I deepened my abidance in myself and stronger energy began acting through me. The Gurus at the Saccha ashram in Laksman Jhula welcomed me and gave me a venue to retreat and go deeper.

Finally, on a holy day, in deepest meditation, I felt that the most fulfilling way to finish my journey on this Earth, would be to witness in Others the Grace, Love and Transformation that comes from Spirit. I prayed sincerely in the divine presence: “Let me be an instrument of your Peace and Love” I felt a sudden and unmistakable affirmation of my prayer and the authorization to act as an instrument of Peace and Love. I went through an inner personal death and resurrection experience as initiation into a new life. After that day, I resigned to surrender to my mission. The poetry of the Universe in action confirmed my mission and guidance numerous times immediately afterwards and up to Now.

There is a major awakening in progress on our Planet. There are challenges to the welfare and survival of our species as well. It’s time for me, and many others, to surf the big waves to the shores of Being. This is a time when people can know themselves much deeper, and much easier, than was common in the past.

I can’t say how this is going to manifest. I remain open and listening to the current of life. I know there are other Souls out there who will contribute their Beingness, talent, and funds to further World Awakening. I have experiences in many traditions but will focus on the clearest path of my personal experience: Knowledge of, and abidance in, our True Self. We’re going to have fun doing it too.

May our efforts spread Peace and Love.